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Dental Unit

Dental Unit

SKU: 36523641234523

Main features:

1, Body contoured Electrically operated Chair, With double arm removable for
easy access.
2, Articulated head rest, Seat & back rest thickly cushioned with rexine.
3, LED sensor reflect Operation lamp
4, With 90°rotatable handpiece holder, offer more convenience to the dentist
5, Excellent quality water vapor tube, more reliable
6, Rotatable unit box, easy to maintenance
7, Built-in water purified system
8, 90° rotatable ceramic spittoon
9, Built in tissue box
10, X ray viewer,

11, Multifunction foot control


Standard accessories:
High speed handpiece connector  --- 2sets
Low speed handpiece connector   ---1set
3-way syringe (cold and hot)        ---2pcs
Operation lamp                           ---1set
Film viewer                                 ---1set
Saliva ejector (strong and weak)    ---1set
Automatic cup filler                     --- 1set
Rotatable ceramic spittoon           ---1set
Built-in water purified system       --- 1set
24V D.C noiseless motor             --- 1set
Sanitary cushion and backrest      --- 1set
Doctor’s stool                            --- 1pcs


Size: 140*92*110cm
Length of horizontal arm:
Rotation degree of horizontal arm : 160°
Length of balance arm: 720MM
Height of balance arm: 150mm
Max height of chair: 750mm
Min height of chair: 440mm
Chair width: 860mm
Chair length: 1900mm
Main power: AC120/230v
Air supply: 0.5mpa-0.6mpa
Water supply: 0.2mpa-0.4mpa


    Color: red/creme
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