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Face Shield (Civil)

Face Shield (Civil)

SKU: 74533198

Material: PET + Sponge
Usage Range: Suitable for use in working environments that require face protection.

1. Material: Hat made of high quality material, and the Mask Transparent TPU design with wide view, Can effectively prevent liquid spray from the front and sides. 

2. Full Protection: the protective hat can cover the entire face with a wide brim without blocking your view. It can protect your eyes, mouth and nose. Cuts saliva drips, including dust, pollen. 

3. Easy to Use: The mask can be washed with water or wiped and disinfected with alcohol, which is easy to take care of. It is removable when you don’t need. 

4. Size: One size 54-64cm, Adjustable size for adult men and women. 

5. Function: anti-fall, waterproof, sun-proof, warm, breathable, shade, insect-proof, wind-proof, age reduction 

6. Suitable season: Four seasons 

  • Face Shields sold in sets of 2 pieces

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