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Gynecological Chair / Bed

Gynecological Chair / Bed

SKU: 284215376135191

GISMED-05 Gynecological Chair / Bed

Operation Description


  • The check bed is a multifunctional bed, which is suitable for all kinds of inspection including gynecological examination, the shape is beautiful, the function is practical, the operation is simple.
  • The back section is operated by gas spring.

  • Parts of a seat plate are provided with a fixed examination paper tape according to customer's requirements.

  • Foot stool  can be used for patient  as a step , which is hidden.

  • Examination bed  is equipped with large drawers.

  • Mattressis made from mould, with no seam on the surface.

Technical  Parameters

Dimension(Not include handle): 1400 mm X 720 mm X 880 mm

Back section turning angle: 0~70±1°

Slide distant of assist table: 420 mm

Dimension of step: Length 500mm   Height 220mm

Slide distant of foot rest: 275 mm

Swing angle of foot rest: 45°

Max. load: 240kg


Standard Accessories

Heel Support     1 pair

Exam Pan          1pc

Paper Roll Rod    1pc

Side Drawer       3pcs

Front Drawer      2pcs

Step Stool          1pc

cushion              1set


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