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Hemostatic pressure Gelatin bandage for dialysis

Hemostatic pressure Gelatin bandage for dialysis

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Gelatin sponge pad for stop bleeding quickly. It is used professionally for dialysis patients to stop bleeding.

The pad is for gelatin sponge .

Size : 80x50x10mm ,Gelatin thickness: 10mm


Key features

· Features of the pad area
10 mm thick. A sufficient hemostatic effect is achieved by the pressure applied through the secure fastening of the adhesive tapes.
Oval-shaped, 30 mm long. The tape covers the gap between the access site of the skin and the vessels, to stop the bleeding of the vessels with angiopressure. The oval-shape helps soothe skin irritation.

· The first layer, which has direct contact with the skin, is made from gelatin sponge instantly absorbs the blood.

· Quickly stop bleeding with 1-5 mints

· Safety for Patients

Helpful for healing wound ,promotes faster wound-healing

Reduce to cause rashes

Protect skin and making skin smooth .no allergy.

More safety because of gelatin sponge can be absorbed

Good compliance for patients & dialysis nurses .

· Saving time to stop bleeding.

· Each tape is individually sterilized by EO before packaging.

· Simple application technique with easy removal of needle possible with even needles at different vertical angles.

· Drug carryer for special patients

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