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Luxury Three Function Electric Bed

Luxury Three Function Electric Bed

SKU: 85441205


1)back rest: 0 ~ 60° (±5°)             2) leg rest: 0 ~ 30°(±5°)
3)high-low: 480-700mm

1) Cold steel plate wholly molded surface, connected with arc soft join.
2) Streamline headboard and banister of PE.
3) 3pcs electro-motor, 1pc control box, 1pc handset
4) Automatic long and short lifting railing, safe and reliable, and can be fixed upward and downward
5) One set of handset
6) Four wheels adopt central control system, which is stable and reliable
7)   Max Loading: 280 Kg
8)   Battery back up

    Color: Grey
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