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Two Functions Electric Dialysis Chair

Two Functions Electric Dialysis Chair

SKU: 364115376135191

Technical Configuration

1. Steel structure with powder coating

2.  2 pcs China famous brand Jie Chang motors to control backrest and leg rest

3. The appearance, which is made of high-strength fiber material and poly-layer paint, is artistic, modern, durable, and easy to clean
4. Mattress using a high-quality medical polyurethane foam molding, is easy to clean and maintain. Its anti-static and anti-fouling properties are superior to other similar products

5. Armrest can be swing out, and the height of the armrest is adjustable

6, The Best choice for the blood stations, dialysis centers

Main technical parameters

►Chair Size-----------------1880mm × 580mmmm
►Back -----------------------800*590mm
►Seat -----------------------490*590mm
►Leg -------------------------500*580mm
►Foot board---------- -----(230-360)*220mm
►Seat height---------- -----560mm
►Pillow ----------------------370*290mm
►Armrest------------------- -500 × 160mm
►Mattress thickness----- -60mm

►Back rest lifting----------------------0°- 80°
►Leg rest lifting---------------------20 ° -90 °
►Armrest swing out:-----------------0 °-270°
►With manual  CPR


Technical Configuration:
►Hand Controller---------------------------1pc
►Power Line---------------------------------1pc
►3'' Silent Caster--------------------------1set


  • Optional Parts:

    1. Stainless steel height adjustable I.V rope

    2. Pillow

    3. Small dining table


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